Best 11 Calligraphy Pen Sets for 2020


Here are the best sets of calligraphy pen sets that you can find on the market. We highly recommend you to check out these 11 products that we have compiled for you.

1- Asxma New model wooden calligraphy pen set

This amazing set is suitable for all ages. You can choose this set no matter you are just a beginner or professional. It offers four different ink colors and you can choose one of the two color options.

2- Mont Marte Calligraphy Set

Those who are looking for a high-quality calligraphy pen set can prefer this amazing product. It comes with an introduction and exercise booklets for beginners. It also includes 20 ink cartridges.

3- Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen

This great product includes 2 packs with hard and soft tips. If you want, you can buy a different number of packs to benefit from discounted prices too.

4- Watercolor Brush Pens by GoArtPro

In case you are looking for a brush pen for calligraphy then this may be the ideal choice for you. It is the most suitable product for beginners and comes with a bonus watercolor pen.

5- Hand Lettering Pens

This set can be used for many purposes such as hand lettering or calligraphy. It includes 9 pen brushes, that are specially designed for beginners. You can also create watercolor illustrations.

6- Kuretake Zig MS34008V Memory System Calligraphy Markers

Those who are looking for calligraphy pens may also prefer this product. It offers three models, that have different numbers of pens up to 48 pens. They are acid-free products which are also photo-safe.

7- PILOT Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

All of the pens in this set have medium point and have a stainless steel rib. You can choose different numbers of packs depending on your needs. Moreover, the set offers 7 color options.

8- Plotube Calligraphy Pen Set

Here is a great calligraphy pen set that you may want to buy. It includes 11 nibs and 4 ink bottles. Plus, it comes with an antique holder that looks very fancy.

9- Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set

This product also comes with a bonus ink cartridge and includes 4 pens which are 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8 mm and 6 mm. You can also refill any ink color you want into these pens.

10- Sheaffer Viewpoint

You may also want to check this brush pen for calligraphy. It has a medium nib and comes with 2 cartridges which are black and blue. Moreover, the manufacturer also offers 5 different models.

11- Kuretake Calligraphy Pen Sets

If you are looking for more pens then this pen set can be an ideal choice. It offers 3 different models up to 23 pens and includes 3.5 mm and 2 mm cores. You can draw all size letters easily.


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