Best 11 Fly Swatters for 2020


Flies may be quite annoying creatures and interrupt our focus too often. In case you want to get rid of them, then here are the best fly swatters you can find on the internet.

1- PrimeHomeProducts Black Leather

This amazing product is made of black leather and has a durable wooden handle. It offers 4 different color options to buyers. Thanks to its 4” x 5” paddle, your chances to miss flies are really low.

2- Elucto Large Electric Bug Zapper

If you are looking for an electric fly swatter then we highly recommend this product. You will need 2 AA batteries and it offers 2 models that vary in size. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor pest control.

3- ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Twin Pack

This electronic fly swatter can zap the pests with 4,000 volts to make sure they will stay away from you. It offers 3 models that vary in size and it is safe for people to touch.


You may also want to check this fly swatter gun that includes 3 packs. Each package includes swatters in different colors. The products are 17.5” in size and allow a long reach to hunt pests.

5- Jiemei

These 17.5” durable and long Amazon fly swatters can be an ideal choice for those who are looking for more than one product. It offers different models that include up to 6 packs.

6- Dirza

Here is a fun swatter, which we believe you are going to like. You can buy a different number of packs depending on your needs. Thanks to their thicker handle, you can swing them really fast.

7- Black Flag ZR-7936-L Handheld Fly Zapper

You may also like this electric fly swatter, that can hunt every flying pest easily. It offers 2750 volts of power to kill pests immediately. You can also use it in any area.

8- AsisNai Electric Fly Swatters Bug Zapper

This electronic fly swatter offers 3000 volts of power and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with batteries and it can easily help you to eliminate your pest problem.

9- YoYa Pet Fly Swatters

We believe that, you may like this fly swatter gun which includes 5 packs. They are made of plastics but have stainless steel handles that allow you to swing them quite fast.

10- W4W Bug & Fly Swatters

In case you are looking for swatters with really long handles then you can prefer this product. Each product includes 6 packs but you can buy different models, that have up to 16 packs.

11- Foxany Extendable Fly Swatters

This Amazon fly swatter includes 3 packs and made of durable plastic. The flexible thick paddles allow a quick and fast swing that will be required to kill the pests that annoy you.


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