Best 11 Foam Beads for 2020


In case you are looking for foam beads to buy for home decorations or DIY projects, then you are on the right page. Here are the best 11 products that you can buy on the internet.

1- Juvale Foam Beads for Slime

This a great product that includes 90,000 pieces of beads in the package. It comes in different colors and the size of the balls vary between 0.02” and 0.2”.

2- Lolo Crafts Slime Foam Beads

Those who are looking for beautiful foam beads for slime may want to check this product. It includes 90,000 pieces and balls vary between 0.1” and 0.14” in size. Each product includes 18 pastel-colored packs.

3- Zealor White Styrofoam Foam Balls

If you are looking for white micro foam beads then this product may be the ideal choice for you. Each package includes about 40000 foam balls which their sizes vary between 0.1” and 0.18”.

4- PP OPOUNT 19 Pack Colorful Foam Balls

You may also prefer this amazing product, that includes 19 packs of colored balls. Each package has about 50000 pieces and you can choose one of the 12 different colors in line with your taste.

5- Funballs Foam Beads for DIY Slime

These foam beds on Amazon is also a great choice for DIY projects. It offers different numbers of packs up to 16 packs. You can use these balls in all kinds of projects and decoration ideas.

6- Special Supplies Fun Foam Modeling Foam Beads Play Kit

If you are looking for foam beads for your children, then you may want to buy these blocks for them. They are suitable toys for preschool kids and contribute their motor skills.

7- DECORA 80000 Pieces Styrofoam Balls

This great product comes with its own storage box and offers balls between 2-3 mm. It offers 4 different models in which you can also buy only white balls in line with your taste.

8- Antner 12 Pack Styrofoam Slime Beads

In case you need foam bads for slime then this may be one of the most ideal choices for you. Each product includes 12 packs, which makes about 60000 balls in total.

9- Winlip Slime Supplies Kit

You may also want to buy these micro foam beads. This is a kit that includes 162 pieces and the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each purchase.

10- Miukada 72 Packs Slime Supplies Kit

Here is another great kit that you would like to buy. This kit includes 72 packs of different decoration goods including the beads. You can use them for any purpose including DIY projects.

11- Holicolor 72pcs Slime Making Supplies Kit

If you are looking for foam beads on Amazon then we highly recommend you to check this amazing product. It includes 72 pieces and you can create beautiful decorations with this kit.


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