Best 11 Lanyards for 2020


Below, you can find some of the best lanyards that are available on the market. If you need one, then we highly recommend you to check this list.

1- KEYLION Cruise Lanyards with ID Holder

This amazing product contains 3 packs and comes with an ID holder. It is one of the most ideal products for different kinds of events. You can choose one of the 6 color options as well.

2- Thread Wallets – Cool Lanyards – Key Chain Holder

This product has the same quality as the Supreme lanyard and it costs half the price. In addition to this, you can choose one of the 35 designs before you buy the product.

3- Lanyard Keychain Holder Keychain Key Chain Black Lanyard Clip

Those who are looking for Nike lanyard can prefer this product. The product offers 2 models but if you want, you can buy the Adidas one as well from the same manufacturer.

4- MIFFLIN Flat Lanyards for ID Badges

This custom lanyard offers 3 lively color options to the buyers. It is made of high-quality material and each product includes 5 packs. You may not want to miss your chance to buy it.

5- Champion Lanyards Keychain Holder

We believe that you are going to love these lanyard designs. The company offers 3 color options and if you want, you can buy 10 packs for a discounted price as well.

6- Youowo 5 Pack Office Neck Lanyard

This amazing lanyard is ideal for office use. You can also use it in different events as well. It offers 11 different options that vary in color and number.

7- Neck Lanyard Keychain Holder with 2 Free Keyring

We believe that this product can compete with Supreme lanyards in terms of beauty. It offers 12 color and design options. You may want to consider buying this amazing product.

8- Guarder Lanyard with ID Holder Key

This looks very similar to one of the Nike lanyard designs but without a doubt, it costs less. You can choose one of the 15 different floral designs in this product.

9- HOSL 100 Pack Economy Black Badge

If you are looking for custom lanyards to buy in bulk then this can be the best option. Each product contains 100 packs and it is one of the best deals on the internet.

10- Guarder Lanyards with id Holder

These products are suitable for women. They have amazing floral designs on them and offer more than 17 design options. It comes with an ID badge holder as well.

11- QBeel Bling Lanyards for Women

If you are looking for special lanyard designs for women,then you may want to check this elegant design. The product offers 6 color options to the buyers as well.

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