If you are planning to buy a pepper spray for extra protection and carry it in your bag then here are some of the best products you can buy on the internet.

1- Mace Brand Pepper Spray

This is a powerful product that can be the solution that you are looking for. It offers 4 different models and uses the same formula that law enforcement use.

2- POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray

This pepperspray gun offers police strength self-defense to buyers. Each product contains 6 packs and effective up to 12 ft. It also has identifying UV dye.

3- POM White Pepper Spray Keychain Model

This pepperspray comes with a keychain to make sure it will be under your hand at any time. In addition to this, it offers 23 color options and you can also buy bulk too.

4- POM

Here is one of the best pepperspray models , that you can find on the internet. It offers 23 different color options and effective up to 10 ft range. Moreover, it has maximum strength to prevent any problem.

5- BLINGSTING Combo Safety Set

This pepper spray on Amazon comes with a stun gun to provide the maximum protection. You can choose one of the four colors and carry a special and powerful self-defense combo with you.

6- Fox Labs, 5.3 SHU

Here is , another pepper spray that you may want to buy. It is a 1.5-ounce product which has a world-famous formula that is preferred by the US military.

7- Kimber MFG., Inc. PepperBlaster II

Those who are looking for pepper spray guns may want to buy this set. Each product contains 3 guns and has a great delivery system. It blasts with 112 MPH speed for long-range use.

8- BlingSting Pepper Spray

This amazing pepperspray is specially designed for women. It offers 6 amazing colors and you can buy different numbers of packs. It is effective up to 12 ft as well.


Here is , one of the best pepper sprays you can buy on the market. This product, has the police strength and it is the best selling product in the United States. Each product includes 2 packs.


This product includes 3 packs and comes with a keychain set. It is effective up to 10-12 ft and offers 25 bursts in each product. The compact design will allow you to carry it easily.

11- FDP Lipstick

We believe that , this is the best pepper spray on Amazon. It looks like a lipstick and each product includes 2 packs. It is only available in pink color.

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