Best 15 Ball Pump for 2020


We have gathered the best 15 ball pump you can find on the internet in this article. Do not forget to check out this list in case you are planning to buy one soon.

1- TorrX Smart Ball Pump

This smart soccer ball pump can be used for all kinds of balls including football and rugby balls. It is an automatic and electric product that has an LED display on it. All you need to do is press the buttons on the product to pump your balls. Moreover, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

2- Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump

You may also want to check out this exercise ball pump, that can offer efficiency inflation with its unique design. It has a flexible valve and ergonomic design to perfectly fit your hand. The soft-touch handle offers a better grip and you can pump air to your balls with a single hand.

3- Aaydia Products Basketball Ball Pump

This great product comes with 2 replacement needles and although the product name suggests basketball, you can use it for any balls. It has an efficient ergonomic design that does not slip while you are using the product. You can inflate all kinds of balls only in seconds with this amazing tool.

4- Keenstone Automatic Electric Fast Ball Pump

This product which is offered by Keenstone may be one of the best ball pumps you can find on the internet. It is an electric product, that can inflate all kinds of balls only in seconds. Moreover, thanks to its small and compact design, you can carry it with you no matter where you go.

5- NIKE Dual Action Ball Pump

If you are looking for a high-quality product then this Nike ball pump may be an ideal choice for you. It offers 4 different color options to buyers and it comes with an extension hose and a needle. You can use this product for a lifetime without any problem and it is more affordable than most of the products.

6- Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

Here is another great product that includes a complete kit for your balls. It includes a pump, pressure gauge, carry bag, needles, and a flexible hose. You can use this kit for all kinds of balls. The length of the product is 7.5 inches so that you can easily carry this pump anywhere you go.

7- SPORTBIT Ball Pump

You may also want to take a look at this great ball pump which offers 2 different color options to buyers. It comes with a bonus e-book and 5 needles. Thanks to its soft adapter, the product can prevent the needle bending and the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for each purchase.

8- eBall Ball Pump

If you are looking for a professional product then this may be one of the best options for you. It comes with a pressure release valve and inflation needles. It can inflate balls only within seconds and the manufacturer offers a discount for multiple purchases. You may want to check this product before you buy any.

9- GoSports Premier Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

This amazing product includes soccer balls and a soccer ball pump. You can choose among 3 different sizes and buy up to 6 packs. The pump has a great design too which you can store the needle inside of the product. If you are looking for new balls together with your pump then you may want to buy this great product.

10- TONUNI Portable Air Pump

In case you need a portable air pump, that you can take it anywhere then you need to check this great product. It is a manual pump that includes an extension hose, nozzle, and a needle for inflation. The handle is made of hard metal so it offers durable and long-lasting use.

11- Sports Stable Ball Pump

This exercise ball pump may also attract your attention. It comes with 5 spare needles and the body of the product is made of rubberized material so that it offers a perfect grip while you are inflating the balls. In addition to this, it is suitable for all kinds of balls in different sports.

12- Sunta Automatic Electric Ball Pump

Those who are looking for an electric pump may want to check this great product. It comes with replacement needles and it can also serve as a flashlight to let you inflate balls regardless of the time. Moreover, it is a portable and lightweight product that you can carry it anywhere you want easily.

13- BROTOU Mini Bike Pump & Ball Pump

This may be one of the best ball pumps you can find on the market. It has a portable bracket and a pressure gauge. You do not have to change any valve and in addition to the balls, you can also inflate bike tires. The manufacturer also offers a one-year unlimited warranty for each purchase.

14- Fifata Upgraded Aluminium Alloy Ball Pump

Here is an aluminum pump that you may want to buy. It is suitable for all kinds of ball including yoga or pool balls. It will be worth to note that this is a manual pump which you will need to use the handle to inflate the balls. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for each product.


This product has the same quality as Nike ball pumps and we believe that you may really love it. It comes with one nozzle and five needles and the product has a built-in hose holder for practical use. In addition to these, the manufacturer offers a full refund in case you will not be satisfied with the performance of the product.


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