Best 15 Cash Boxes for 2020


Those who are looking for a high-quality and safe cash boxes can check this amazing shopping guide we have provided for you. Here are the best products you can buy in 2020.

1- Honeywell Safes & Door Locks – 6113 Deluxe Key Lock

Honeywell is a popular brand in such products and this amazing product offers full protection for your cash and other valuable possessions and electronics. This box has a key lock and comes with 2 entry keys that are specially designed only for this product. It also has 8 coin slots.


This money box has a lock & security cable for extra protection. The lock is a privacy lock with 4 keys and the case has 4 spring-loaded clips for bills. In addition to this, it also has 5 special slots for coins and a large compartment for coin rolls and receipt books.

3- Volcora Cash Box with Key Lock

This great product is made of steel and offers 8 color options to buyers. It comes with 4 keys and has a cyan metal lockable storage for extra protection. The sturdy carrying handle offers a comfortable carry. Moreover, it has 4 stainless steel clips to keep the bills in the box in place.

4- Certus Global Large White

Those who are looking for cash boxes may want to check this amazing product as well. It has a money tray for 4 bills, secure lock and coin tray for 5 coins. This great product can fix your money inside of the box and prevent them from falling out. It comes with 2 keys to lock and secure the box from theft. Each of the keys is unique keys too.

5- Jssmst Large Cash Box with Lock

Here is another great product that you can buy with ease of mind. It offers 7 different color options to buyers as well. The size of the box is 11.8” x 9.5” x 3.5”. It has 5 separate compartment cantilever tray and provides enough space for expensive and important goods such as watches, jewelry, coins, and cash.

6- SentrySafe CB-12

If you are looking for durable and high-quality lockable cash boxes then we can recommend this product. It has a removable money tray to organize all kinds of receipts, coins, and bills. The product is constructed from durable steel for extra safety. You can easily carry with you anywhere as well.

7- Jssmst Large Cash Box with Combination Lock

This great product offers 3 size options and 11 color options to buyers. One of the outstanding features of this box is the fact that, it has a combination lock which offers more protection when compared to the other products. The 3-number combination can be changed whenever you want.

8- Kyodoled Large

This metal cash safe box has 5 compartments and 4 spring-loaded clips for bills. You can keep all kinds of important and expensive goods on it with ease. Its sturdy carrying handle makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. In addition to this, the product offers 5 different color options to buyers.

9- Kyodoled Medium

We believe that you may also love this cash box which offers 2 different size options as large and medium. Moreover, you will also have 3 different color options in this 1.87” x 6.3” x 3.54” box. It comes with two unique keys and both the box and key are made of high-quality and durable steel. It also has 5 compartments for keys, cash, and coins.

10- MMF Industries

This great product offers 7 different models that offer various locking options such as lock and cable, combination lock or keyed lock. In addition to this, you will have 11 different size options to find the perfect one for your needs. It is the most ideal product for businesses and each product includes 7 compartments.

11- Cash Locker Cash Boxes

We believe that you may also like this money box which has a built-in security cable for extra security. This great product also has 5 compartments for coins. It has a lock system that has two privacy keys to keep your goods safe. In addition to this, the manufacturer also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

12- Wot I Cash Boxes Steel Money Box

Here is one of the best cash boxes that you can find on the internet. It has a key lock feature, that has a privacy key and you can open/close the box with one hand easily. It has 5 compartments to keep your coins in place and there is another compartment under it for your bills and receipts.

13- Nadex Cash Boxes with Sliding Lockable Cover

This is another great product that you may want to consider buying. It has a sliding lockable cover and the product is made of high-quality and durable metal. The box has 5 compartments to keep your cash organized. One of these compartments is separated for the coins.

14- Stalwart 75-0856R 8″ Locking Cash Boxes

You may also want to check one of these lockable cash boxes which offer 2 color options to buyers. It has 8 removable compartment trays and it comes with 2 keys. The product is made of powder-coated metal tin and has an enamel finish. The size of the product is 5.75” x 6.25” x 3.5”.

15- Vaultz Locking Cash Boxes

Here is the best cash safe box you can find on the internet. It offers 4 different models in 2 different sizes. The product has a built-in combination lock to provide extra protection, for your valuables. It also offers a spacious compartment for tickets, receipts, checks or other valuable documents.


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