Best 15 Melodica for 2020


We have compiled the best 15 melodica for you in this shopping guide. We highly recommend you to check this list before you buy any instruments on the internet.

1- CAHAYA Melodica 2 Double Mouthpieces Tube Sets

This melodica on Amazon offers one of the best deals in this quality range. The product offers 2 different color options as black and blue. Moreover, you can choose between 2 different models which have 32 keys and 37 keys. You are going to receive a carrying bag for free as well.

2- Piano Stickers for 32/37 Key Melodica

We believe that this product may be quite useful for beginners and children. It will help you to learn faster with these piano stickers. The product also comes with instructions and a guide to how to stick these stickers on your keys. They are vinyl products that will not damage your instruments at all.

3- Eastar 32 Key Melodica Instrument

If you are looking for the best melodica and you do not want to spend too much money on the instrument then you can prefer this one. It offers 3 color options as black, blue and pink. In addition to this, you can buy the 32-key or 37-key instrument depending on your needs.

4- Ammoon 32 Piano Keys Melodica

Here is a great product for beginners and children. This product is promoted as a musical education instrument and offers 5 different color options to buyers. It is made of eco-friendly plastic materials which do not bear any risk for human health. You will also receive the carrying bag together with the product.

5- Suzuki A-25F 25-Key Andes Recorder

This melodica has a 25-key design and it serves as a recorder. If you want to record your melodies on your computer then you may really love this great product. The range of the keys varies between F2 and F4. It also comes with all the accessories that you will need to play this instrument.

6- Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica

Here is another great product that you may want to buy. This instrument has 32 keys and it is ideal for beginners and professionals. Moreover, you are going to receive a free carrying case, manual and mouthpiece. It is one of the highest quality products available in this pricing range.

7- SUZUKI M-37C Melodion Melodica

This melodica on Amazon is designed for semi-professionals and manufactured in Japan. It comes with 3 mouthpieces which are standard, trumpet style and flexible tube so that you will not have to buy these separately. Moreover, you will also receive a free and heavy-duty carrying case with the product.

8- Mugig 32 Keys Melodica

If you are looking for an instrument for your children then without a doubt this may be one of the best options for you. It is a 32-key instrument that comes with carrying bag, extension hose, and extra mouthpiece. It can help you to improve the music abilities of your children and let them love music at an early age.

9- Eastar 37 Key Melodica

You may also want to check one of the best melodica instruments on the market that is designed for beginners and children. It offers 3 color options to buyers and you can choose one of the two models that vary in keys. Moreover, you are also going to receive one free carrying case for your instrument.

10- 32 Key Melodica

We believe that this one may also be a good choice if you are looking for a gift idea for your children. It has an amazing green color and comes with its own plastic case. Moreover, you will also receive an extended mouthpiece with the product. You may want to check this one as a gift idea for your kids.

11- Yamaha, 32-Key Melodica

This melodica may also be a great gift idea for your children and beginners. It has 32 keys and a 2.5-octave range. It offers a clear and bright tone for the users and includes a fixed mouthpiece and flexible air tube. Moreover, it is made of durable hard plastic and comes with its own storage case.

12- inTemenos Melodica with 23 Songs for Beginners

Beginners may also want to check this great product that includes 23 songs. It is a 32-key instrument that comes with its own carrying bag. The best part of the instrument is it includes non-removable color stickers on the keys to accelerating the learning process for beginners and children.

13- Hohner 32F 32-Key Piano-Style Fire Melodica

If you are looking for a mid-range product then this melodica on Amazon may be the best choice for you. It has 32 keys and it can appeal to both professionals and beginners. The product comes with a deluxe carrying case, a manual and a mouthpiece. The red design of the product looks very stylish as well.

14- Hohner Inc, USA AB37-RASTA 37 Key

Those who are looking for an instrument with a great design can check this product that offers Rastafarian design. The note range of the instrument is between F3 and F6 and it includes 37 keys. As it can be a great product for beginners, it also appeals to semi-professionals and children.

15- Deluxe Harris Musical Red

In case you are looking for a more affordable option then this is the best melodica you can find on the internet. It has 37 keys and comes with its own carrying case. It also has a full three octaves range. If you are a beginner, you will not feel any regret by purchasing this amazing product.

A musical instrument with melodica blowing and keys

  • This instrument is blown by mouth and the sound is made by pressing the keys.
  • It looks like a flute, but when you press a single key, that note appears.
  • The start note is fa and the endnote is do.
  • Beginners use it with a long hose. It is held with the left hand and played by pressing the keys on the right hand (such as piano keys).
  • It is an ideal instrument for music education.
  • Melodika is usually played in elementary schools for educational purposes in music lessons.
  • It consists of diatonic and chromatic intervals.
  • The note is written in the second line with the left burn.
  • While the instrument is held with the left hand and exhaled through the blowing hole, the right hand is hovering over the touches and the melody is performed.
  • It can be said that it has an important place in children’s music education and development.
  • It is an instrument that gained importance in primary school music education.


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