Best 6 Crab Leg Manufacturers on the Internet


Fresh crab leg may be quite challenging to find on the market, but you can always supply them on the internet. We have listed some of the best brands on the internet to provide you a detailed guide.

1- Colossal Red King Wild Caught 3 lb

These products are delivered in a fully cooked form. They are the legs of Red king crab which are caught in the wild. If you are looking for a fresh product, you can prefer this one with ease of mind. Each package contains 3 lb. of legs.

2- Alaskan Red King Jumbo 10 Lbs

These jumbo crab legs on sale may be the product that you can find on the market. These legs belong to Alaskan Red King Crab and each product contains 10 lbs of legs. There are 6-9 legs per product depending on the size of the legs. The provider guarantees the Jumbo size legs.

3- Alaskan King Crab: Super Colossal Red King Crab Legs

In case you are looking for fresh products then you may want to check this one. The provider offers overnight shipping between Monday and Thursday. In addition to this, you can choose different sizes which vary between 3 and 10 pounds. They are shipped in a pre-cooked form.

4- King Crab Leg Wild Caught Frozen 5 lb.

These crab legs are also shipped in a fully cooked form which will be ready to serve as soon as your product, reaches you. These legs belong to wild-caught crabs and they are one of the best quality on the market. Each product contains 5 lb of legs too.

5- King Crab Leg X-JUMBO (10 POUNDS)

Those who are looking for more legs may want to consider buying this product. Each purchase is shipped with FEDEX on the same day, of the purchase. You will receive your products a day after your order. Each of the legs weighs around 1 pound. In addition to this, the product is X-jumbo in size.

6- Cameron’s Seafood Snow Crab Leg

These crab leg on sale offers different size options to buyers as 3, 6, 9, and 12 pounds. The legs belong to Alaskan Snow Crab, which is wild-caught. The company offers its products all year round! The product will arrive for you in a flash-frozen form which will be ready to be served.

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